Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Hotel Olimia Location; Podčetrtek, Slovenia Client; Terme Olimia Area; 15.000 m2 Project; 2004 Construction; 2006 Project team; Landscape architecture; Matej Kučina, Urban Švegl, Tanja Maljevac, Luka Vidic Architecture; Enota - Dean Lah, Milan Tomac The guiding principle in designing this entire project is to include the building as simply and naturally as possible into the existing natural environment, which is especially defined by the steepness of the terrain, the grass area and the existing forest. The project of tectonically broken buildings is followed by the concept of exterior area arrangements. This means, the roof at it’s edges is lowered to the terrain and flows as larger green areas into the existing grass terrain. Both atriums are designed the same way, which create the necessary programme areas with soft slopes and urban equipment, linked to the programmes of the hotel object. All roof areas use the principle of the green roof. The roof is made green with a special mixture of perennials, which differ according to the geographical angle of each inclined roof area, meaning that the roof areas, turned towards the south-east are of green and yellow colours and those turned towards the north-east are of green and red colours.
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Hotel Olimia
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