Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Location; Bohinj Client; TD Bohinj Area; 2700 m² Project; 2008 Construction; 2010 Project team; Matej Kučina, Eva Prosen, Urban Švegl, Meta Božič The business complex is quite exposed as it represents the urban edge at the entrance of Bohinj or Ribčev Laz. Because the complex is of uniform architecture with individual space segments with various offers, it requires an integrated approach. According to the in-line setting of premises of the business complex the area is divided into several thematic arrangements, following one another in the parterre in front of the building. The basis is a communication network, dividing the unified space in longitudinal and transverse direction into individual small spaces - gardens. Accesses are arranged in the most simple and easy manner, in the parterre line the parking area is linked with the building by ramps, which allow access also for disabled persons. The parterre gardens are designed in a multifunctional way in order to allow various uses. They are simply designed with basic natural elements, such as wood, stone (sand) and green areas (lawns and plants). The whole space is designed as urban natural area with reference to the context of the wider area of Bohinj; nature, mountains, Triglav National Park. This means that in addition to communications and simple urban equipment green areas were designed, which are deliberately modest and in stylized form represent samples from the Alps. The thematic gardens are linked to the offer of premises and establishments of the commercial and tourist centre, which includes public services – post office and parking, commercial activity – trade, as well as tourism – Tourist office Bohinj. The parterre design is conceived as a series of arranged thematic gardens, which are basically multi-functional. This means they enable and promote various uses. − Social garden; an area with trees and parterre benches of massive wood intended to rest and socialize, as part of this theme garden wooden bicycle racks are arranged at the parking; − Dwarf-pine garden; small, trimmed sandy area with individual shrubs of dwarf-pine (Pinus mugo), representing the world of mountains, scree slopes and dwarf-pines; − Rock garden; grass area with individual monolithic stone boulders, also representing the mountains. Here the tourist information board is located; − Larch garden; green area, linked to the main road and planted with a group of larches. − Communication garden; little pocket garden with phone booths between steps and post office; − Storm tree park; lawn area at the bus station, with previously existing trees, will be arranged as a sculpture park, where vertical trunks shall be placed as a paraphrase of storm trees.
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