Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Šentvid highway tunnel urban park Location; Ljubljana, Slovenia Client; Elea iC group Area; 13000 m2 Project; 2004 Construction; 2009 Project team; Matej Kučina, Luka Vidic, Urban Švegl, Tanja Maljevac, Meta Božič, Eva Prosen Alongside the new tunnel – the connection of the highway from Gorenjska region with the Ljubljana bypass – a further new tunnel connection will be built from one of city’s main access roads, Celovška Cesta. This is the reason for lowering the existing cycle track and pedestrian route. The framework of the park comes from the cycle tracks and the pedestrian path, representing the spine, and the transverse concrete walls, represent the ribs of the configuration, as with the skeleton of a ship. The park with this transversal configuration is planned as sequential space, where the sequences of program-spaces and individual areas are aligned with the movement of people (on foot, roller blades or bicycle). The individual expansions alongside the communication axis are simply designed and create flat areas in form of a tectonic interruption of the basic construction, which are used for different urban programs. This arrangement of transversal ribs further give the impression of visually broadening the space and at the same time as an element of articulation for creating the inner program-areas. The main quality of the area is certainly to understand the movement within the area, in order that whilst travelling through this visually insulated, deepened space, it gives the impression of a corridor. The faster we move, the faster the spatial sequences are lined, which is immanent within the road landscape as well, designed on a graphic principle of strong repetitive lines. Because of the concept of the space and roadside position the park definitely has a street, urban character, which means, it overrides the overall image of street landscape that is reflected in the use of street graphic, bright colours, street urban equipment and lighting elements. The park incorporates many urban programs, for it should be of use to the passer-by as well as the local visitors of the park. The area programs are modern, actual and logical, from the advertisement park with it’s hoardings, the sculpture park with regular open-air gallery, the skate park, performance area with stands, the green park, playground, sanitary area, to traffic information point, where meteorological data, data about vehicle numbers, traffic information and the amount of CO2 in the tunnel are alternated.
BRUTO Landscape Architecture & Design
Šentvid urban park
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