Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Golnik Hospital Parterre Park Location; Golnik, Slovenia Client; Golnik hospital Area; 400 m2 Project; 2003 Project team; Matej Kučina, Marko Studen (Scapelab), Domen Šega, Jernej Černe The parterre of the Hospital for lung diseases KOPA on Golnik represents a modern renewal of the former park, designed by architect Ivan Vurnik in 1937. Today, the hospital differs considerably from the past times, the healing methods are contemporary, hospitalisation of the patients is much shorter, and beside this the educational and practical programme for medical students takes place in the framework of the hospital. This led us to design a different programme project of the parterre, which has to serve the needs of today. The axial, four-part project of the parterre remains, the program of the parterres has changed. The circumferential programme grouping of the elements, suiting the needs of the patients, the visitors and the students, reflects them. The programme elements, arranged around the circumference once the parterre hedge, include benches, dustbins, water tap, lighting elements and electrical and Internet connections. The articulation of the programme circumference is achieved with different colours of the park elements as well.
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Golnik hospital
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