Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Maribor urban park Location; Maribor, Slovenia Client; City of Maribor Area; 130000 m2 Project; 1999 Project team; Matej Kučina, Marko Studen, Jernej Černe The park Pekrski potok extends over a large area, spread out beside the brook of Pekre and includes natural and cultural landscapes as well as the urban areas of the southern part of Maribor. The large density of population in the residential settlements, heterogeneous programmed use of space and numerous transverse communications are main features of this interesting place. All this dictates a project of a complex park area, consisting of different programme groups, lined out along the side of the brook as film-sequences, in accordance with typology, character and existing programmes of the outskirts of an urban area. The individual groups are separated by numerous transverse communications, the carriers of new programme infrastructure, and at the same time connect the urban areas on both sides of the park. The thread that runs through this park is the recreation path beside the brook, connecting the outer parts of park and intermediate aligned groups of the park into a sensible unity.
BRUTO Landscape Architecture & Design
Maribor urban park
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