Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Hypo Urban Park Location; Ptuj, Slovenia Client; Hypo Alpe-Adria-Consultans Area; 2600 m2 Project; 2004 Project team; Matej Kučina, Tanja Maljevac, Luka Vidic Digital images; Urška Kranjc The nearby new shopping centre will, to a great extent, change the area, which is why the decision to produce a park area in the style of shopping phenomenon is logical. The park consists of four smaller autonomous thematic parks that together create a conglomerate of multifunctional park areas. Four units are connected by a communication spine; the “horse alley” with a new chestnut promenade and life-size horse silhouettes as an evocation of the former function of a livestock fair. The park is designed to be distinctive; bright, colourful and attractive in the style of consumers’ sociology, for only in this way can it represent an adequate antipode to the shopping centre. The art park; a transitional, communication park, built in a net construction, vertically illuminated panels with individual spaces in-between – the program rooms. The children’s park; the space is planned imaginatively, with an organic rubber crest in the form of a snake and children’s areas and installations in bright colours. The grass park; an area with small concave and convex tumuli, planted with different types of decorative grass. The sports park; the sport ground with marked polygons for different games. The horse alley; connects all park units and works as a common spine with a new promenade and life-size horse silhouettes. The metal two-dimensional horses symbolise the history of the space, on which livestock was sold in the past.
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Hypo urban park
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