Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Gorizia castle hill and Main Square Location; Gorizia, Italy Client; City of Gorizia Competition Project; 2000 Project team; Landscape architecture; Matej Kučina Architecture; Alessio Princic Tomaz Jelovsek, Bojan Purg Collaborators; Federicca Macchi, Angela Zujan The castle hill at Gorizia probably represents the most important area of the city in a symbolic, cultural, historical, urbanist and ecological sense. Since the area in question is of high importance in the city centre, with an existing programme and spatial use of public and private character it is reasonable to design the whole area as a public space of existing and new area programs, which would include private premises. The castle hill should consist of natural areas (forest), designed landscape (park), as well as areas of cultural landscape (agricultural grounds) with all necessary programs of sport-recreational, cultural, educational and social character. So it is a matter of some type of public-private partnership, where also the private premises serve the public program in the context of the castle hill.
BRUTO Landscape Architecture & Design
Gorizia castle
Gorica, Italija
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