Bruto Krajinska arhitektura in oblikovanje prostora Landscape architecture and design
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Urbanist workshop Prevalje Location; Prevalje, Slovenia Client; City of Prevalje Project; 1999 Project team; Matej Kučina, Marko Studen (Scapelab) The suggested experimental project is based on the fact, that there are a lot of green areas in the urban space, which are unused, deserted or do not bring any added value in production or financial sense because of ownership, un-adopted space plans, political and other reasons. In the area being considered an example of the transformation of such an area is suggested, from the re-establishment of area use with temporary landscape programmes to the vision of the final area development. The concept consists of three phases of area development: In the first phase the area plans are transformed in a space with a communication network and the parcelling out of future development. In the second phase the start of area programmes follow, for the parcels are filled with different temporary programmes of agricultural, sport-recreational, service and other use of the area. By leasing out these premises the community enables the population some spatial possibilities for certain programmes and at the same time the leases provide an additional source of finance for the community budget. In the third phase the temporal programmes change gradually in new, final arrangements of area; construction, public green areas… Five good reasons; - The community gains an additional source of finance for the community budget by collecting the lease-money - It henceforth prepares the terrain for a later gradual change of programmes according to the actual dynamics - It brings value in the sense of economy, programme and space for the unused area - It enables the population to fulfil their space and programme needs - It channels the activities of spatially spread out grey zones into one, communally regulated area.
BRUTO Landscape Architecture & Design
Prevalje workshop
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