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Feng shui

Sometimes clients can be very demanding and often have special desires. Feng Shui Garden?

Esoteric? Exotics? Actually not, as some sort of “feng shui” philosophy has existed in our country for centuries. It’s just simply called “common sense”. Every master or farmer used to be able to design or build an object, taking into account ancient knowledge of nature, wind, sun, or if you want an energy flow. Today it is fashionable to be inspired by foreign gardens!

The problem with designing this garden was the fact that the house was not built exactly according to feng shui philosophy. How important therefore is a feng shui garden if the house does not follow this philosophy? The garden and the house are inextricably linked and affect life and movement, nevertheless our clients are very happy with our garden and are enjoying their new home.

Project name: Garden Rožna

Location: Ljubljana

Client: private

Area: 500 m²

Project: 2012

Execution: 2013

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Urban Švegl, Eva Prosen

Photo: Matej Kučina