Ladies in high heels on the cliff

The existing path that connects Bled to Bled Castle had to be renovated due to its deterioration and hazards. Frequent warnings from mountain rescuers when tourists visit the high mountains with inappropriate footwear could – in some way – be implemented here too. It is true that the Bled Castle Hill cannot be described as a serious mountain, but the path leads along a precipitous wall, which the ladies climbed even in high heels.

The new path and stairs follow the former route, both the path and stairs are made of well-thought-out systematic elements. In addition to the prefabricated stairs and trims, there are also multi-purpose wooden pillars forming the guardrail, which are also lamps illuminating the renovated path. Due to the hazards, the stairs are protected by a guardrail. Benches and waste bins are set up at rest areas and viewing points. The trail ends with the castle park at the top, which was later renovated according to our plans in 2019.

Project name: Paths to Bled Castle

Location: Bled

Client: Bled Culture Institute

Area: 2,000 m²

Project: 2010–2013

Execution: 2011–2014

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Urban Švegl, Eva Prosen

Photo: Matej Kučina

bruto bled pot na grad jezero castle lake path stairs stopnice
bruto bled pot na grad jezero castle lake path stairs stopnice