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Water Mirror

Four seasons

The main features of the location were a house on a pedestal and the flat land that blends into an open cultural landscape. We wanted to make a simple, minimalist garden without too many elements, but to include that necessary twist, a story that would make this garden different.

We designed the garden with the idea of the four seasons, represented by four colours of plants, which are most attractive during the period of each season. The garden on each face of the house represents a certain season. The western part is dedicated to spring and the colour pink which was conjured up with Japanese cherry trees and crocuses. The northern part is devoted to summer and the colour white with roses and a blooming meadow. The southern part is dedicated to the autumn and the colour red of ornamental grasses and wild vines. The eastern part is a tribute to winter and the green colour of conifers.

Project name: Garden Bled

Location: Bled

Client: private

Area: 7,200 m²

Project: 2002

Execution: 2004

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Damjan Černe, Andreja Zapušek

Architecture: Dušan Engelsberger

Photo: Matej Kučina