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Lost in translation

Kodbilj is a famous Karst village and the birthplace of architect and urban planner Max Fabiani. In the neighbouring village of Štanjel, following World War I, Fabiani designed, for his nephew Dr. Ferrari, a very modern garden adjacent to the Ferrari villa, which summarized both traditional karst elements and many modern solutions, including a very complex water management system with a swimming pool.

As Homage to Fabiani and his visionary moves, we designed a garden for the young couple on very challenging, steep and rocky terrain. We suggested a garden with a swimming pool in terraces, clad in Corten.

The clients enthusiastically accepted the conceptual design of the garden. Unfortunately, the project was not realized with our design, but with theirs, or was lost in translation. Perhaps our idea was too uncompromising or too challenging. We have learned that the realization of visionary projects require courage and vision also on the part of the client.

Project name: Garden Kobdilj

Location: Kobdilj, Karst

Client: private

Area: 3,000 m²

Project: 2017

Execution: unrealized

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Vesna Mihelj

Architecture: Kragelj Architects