Graphic vineyard

Wine cellars around the world tend to have a unique and at the same time inherent look, which is a mixture of venerable age or tradition, grape and wine production, natural materials, art, cuisine, cutting-edge design and of course oenology.

So how should the space in front of the brand new Verus winery look?

We decided on a bold intervention. The green areas around the new building have been transformed into a graphic image of the vineyard, into an abstract pattern of lines, as seen from a bird’s eye view. This abstract, virtual vineyard surrounds the new wine cellar Verus on all sides.

Project name: Verus

Location: Ormož

Client: Wine Cellar Verus

Area: 4,500 m²

Project: 2019

Execution: under construction

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Katarina Iskra, Domen Prevejšek