Non-toxic conifers and expert critics

We love special tasks, those that represent a particular challenge. Such a task was the Labyrinth of Art. The client’s request that the Labyrinth of Art should not be trimmed but arranged from naturally growing trees was unusual, since this is no longer a real labyrinth. The second requirement posed an even greater challenge.

The nearby Psychiatric Hospital required that the conifers in the labyrinth should not under any circumstances be toxic, due to the risk of patient suicide (this actually happened in the past). The fact is that there are really very few non-toxic conifers, and even fewer of those that are non-toxic and suitable for a naturally growing labyrinth. Upon consideration, we selected the Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), although the gravelly soil of the site is not a suitable habitat, but experts have assured that this should not be too much of a problem.

After the implementation, there was a debate in the media, with some upset experts claiming that this tree was not suitable for the labyrinth, and certainly not at all in such habitat. However, no one wanted to hear our reasoning. And today, 10 years after the planting, these hemlocks are still growing nicely. And they grow in inappropriate habitat. And no one has been poisoned.

Project name: Labyrinth

Location: Ljubljana

Client: Exodos Institute

Area: 2,800 m²

Project: 2010

Execution: 2011

Bruto team: Matej Kučina, Meta Božič, Eva Prosen

Photo: Matej Kučina